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Mission and Vision

At MG Medical Center, we are committed to promoting health, life, and compassion by restoring health and social wellness, honoring the Lord. We believe in the importance of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness and its impact on how individuals live their lives and influence those around them. We strive to make a difference.

Why Choose Us?

Your Path to a Healthier You Starts Here We aim to assist in the healing process on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level, without imposing extra financial stress, in an environment filled with respect and compassion. Educating our patients about their bodies, what is normal and what is not, is fundamental for us to help them stay healthy in all aspects of life.

Our Core Values


At the heart of our service is a genuine desire to improve patient health and well-being


We commit to the highest standards of medical care and patient service


We ensure a respectful and loyal environment for both our patients and staff


We believe in empowering our patients through knowledge

New Facility Coming Soon

We are excited to announce the upcoming opening of our new facility, designed to enhance your care experience with state-of-the-art amenities and increased accessibility. Stay tuned for more information.

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Melanie Melendez Garcia, MD

CEO & Founder
Dr. Melendez Garcia is an emergency physician, born and raised in Puerto Rico. She has been practicing for almost 12 years now. In 2010, she graduated from San Juan Bautista School of Medicine. After that, she did an internship at Hospital Oncologico, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She completed an emergency medicine residency in Centro Medico, Puerto Rico. Currently possesses active medical licenses in Florida and Puerto Rico.

Dr. Melendez Garcia decided to move to Florida after her first baby boy was born, now she has 3 children and a beautiful family who is her motor.

Dr. Melendez Garcia is well prepared to manage medical conditions in any population, from babies to elderly. She has vast experience and is well skilled in minor surgical procedures including wound repair, incision and drainage, fracture and dislocations management and foreign bodies removal.

As part of MG Medical Center, Dr Melendez Garcia truly believe in patient autonomy. She is loyal to her Hippocratic oath and believe that patient can and should make proper decisions about their own medical management. Patients needs to understand their process to engage in the treatment. Everything starts with knowledge.

Tomas Zapata, RN

Mr. Zapata is a registered nurse, graduated from Mayaguez Puerto Rico, with active license in Fl and PR. He was born and raise in Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico and move to Florida in 2017 after Hurricane Maria. Mr Zapata has been practicing nursing for 14 years now. He is experience in emergency room, which make him able to manage any population, from babies to elderly, with diligence and expertise. He is well-skilled in venipuncture (IV) , medication administration and make patients smile.

As a member of MG Medical Center, Mr Zapata understands that patients are not numbers. He is committed to improve health and emotional well-being. Everything starts with compassion.